Overview of the Vespa MRS Tools Package

Vespa stands for "Versatile Simulation, Pulses and Analysis". The Vespa package is an integrated, open-source, platform for magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) research and data analysis. Applications in the Vespa package include:

  • Simulation - for spectral simulation (using the GAMMA library)
  • Pulse - for RF pulse design
  • DataSim - used to create ‘fake' MRS data sets from Simulation results
  • Analysis - spectral data processing and analysis

The Vespa project addresses software limitations seen across the MRS field, including: non-standard data access, closed source multiple language software that complicates algorithm extension and comparison, lack of integration between programs for sharing prior information, and incomplete or missing documentation and educational content.

Other Resources

The Vespa project and each of its applications have GitHub Pages User Manuals (see left) with extensive information about how to use, and develop new functionality, for each application.

More technical information for the Vespa Project as a whole, and for each application specifically, can be found in the DEVELOPMENT Pages (left)

Note. These GitHub Pages are translations of earlier Trac documents. We are still weeding through them to get all the links and formatting sorted out. Thank you for your patience.